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History of Genesis Radio and the G3020

   Nick Hacko, VK1AA is 44 years old, married and father of 11 year old Josh
   VK2FJDX. In real life he runs a watch business which is located in Sydney,
   Australia. However his real passion is ham radio and recently kit production.

   Nick contacted Mr. Sinisa Tasic who lives in Serbia. Mr. SinisaTasic is better
   know  as Tasa, YU1LM. Tasa is an electronic / telecommunication engineer,
   published author and pioneer in SDR technology,    well known and highly
   respected among his peers.  Since 2006 many of his SDR QRP receivers,
   transmitters and transceivers have been built by hams worldwide.

   In January of 2009 Tasa was kind enough to allow
   commercial production for one of his SDR transceivers.
   The plan was to offer a relatively simple SDR QRP monoband
   transceiver with classic through hole components, priced under US$150.
   Eight frantic weeks later the Genesis G40 was live and kicking!
   This was followed in July of 2009 by the  Genisis G3020.

Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR

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